Documentary Films

Sleep Dreams Documentary.

Brief / Sleep Dreams, a documentary film about sleep consciousness has been conceptualised hot off the heals of our previous award winning documentary titled; “What is Real?”

In this film, we will explore the various realms of sleep. From the ancient Tibetan practices of Bardo Yoga to the mystic and seemingly lost practices of tribal people from the Khoi San to the Native American Indians. We will explore the latest developments in sleep science and philosophy, speaking to leading authorities including: Dr. Evan ThompsonDr. Deepak ChopraStephen LaBergeAlan Wallace, Andrew Holececk, Prof. Fariba BogzaranTenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Tim Post, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Jayne Gackenbach.

The film is currently in its funding phase on IndieGoGo and will begin production in early 2018.


Media / Shot on iPhone 6s.

Music / Courtesy of East Forest

#SleepDreamsMovie #PranaFilms

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